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Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
week, mike shanahan is going to turn him loose. the want rg3 to feed off this thanksgiving day success in dallas. the sky seems to play his best in the biggest games. -- this guy seems to play his best in the biggest games. and it does not get better than this, sunday night. >> you know who is going to be watching that game whether it is a 1:00 game or a night game. everybody takes the approach. nobody wants to be embarrassed on national tv. everybody is going to give it their best shot. >> rg3, redskins and cowboys for the nfc east title. the last day of the nfl regular season. the loser probably stays home for the playoffs. let's get streaking. the skins have won six straight bowl games to get into the playoffs. it is all here for the taking, made all that much sweeter by the fact is against the dallas cowboys. >> every time i play a plea as if it is a rivalry game. the eagles, the cowboys, no matter who it is. i'm giving it my all, when her%. >> keep an eye on the weather. -- 100%. keep an eye on the weather. there is progress in the nhl talks. nhl made its first offer to the player
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
the game, mike shanahan pulled him aside and said he had separated himself from the pack. it was a good night to be alfred morris. >> it is an honor. i looked up to him. he told me before the game, i want you to break the record. it was an honor. coming from where i came from, this is a humbling experience. >> the nhl's owners and players held a closed meeting in new york. the sport's version of the fiscal cliff. >> still have a chance to change the new year's eve forecast. >> it will be dry, that is the good news. you will want to bundle up. old town alexandria -- temperatures will be in a 30's. tomorrow, a little bit of a wintry mix south of d.c. colder air is on the wave. >> it feels better than last year, so we will take it. >> abc world news is coming up next.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2